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Fierce Thought strives to be able to provide a full range of services and support for you or your business!

Are you an existing customer with a growing business or growing website needs? Take a look at our service catalog below and we encourage you to contact us with any comments or questions.

Web Design

Not All Web Design Firms Were Created Equal

sbge1Fierce Thought’s local team of Portland web design experts will collaborate with you to create a website designed for your Portland business that will bring business to you! Fierce Thought provides a full range of Portland web design services including website layout, planning, WordPress theme development and e-commerce.

Whether you are just getting started online or need an upgrade for an existing site, Fierce Thought’s Portland web design team has the latest software and technological resources to make it happen on time and to your exact specifications.

All of Fierce Thought’s Portland web design clients receive a total custom web site design, from basic user-friendly graphic design and content to virtual online stores, Fierce Thought offers Portland web design packages for every budget.

We can also take care of registering your domain name and offer web site maintenance for a low monthly rate to keep your online business site looking sharp!

We help define your core website design objectives, examine your visitors’ goals, and study your brand in order to design functional and appealing websites that communicate your messages and your brand to your web site visitors.

Web Hosting


Fierce Thought can host any of the websites we build. We have built a reliable and secure infrastructure across multiple data centers including our primary data center in Fairview, Oregon and are two secondary data centers in Portland and Gresham.

In addition to our access to these centers we have established relationships with backup data centers in Miami, Florida and Sacramento, California along with a third in Dublin, Ireland.

Web hosting starts at $12.95 per month for a shared hosting account with options for virtual servers and full dedicated servers through our exclusive partnership with Weberz Hosting.


Search Engine Optimization

The fastest way to improve the visibility of your business website once you are satisfied with its design

seo_128Fierce Thought’s search engine optimization experts know what it takes to raise your result rank on Google, Yahoo, Bing and the rest. What does this mean? If you own a country bar in Gresham, for example, and have a website dedicated to your establishment to increase your number of nightly patrons, and I run an online search for “Gresham Country Bars,” you want your website to appear on the first page of results, as close to the top as possible. Furthermore, if your hypothetical country bar specializes in karaoke, you also want to be on that first page of results when prospective customers search for “Gresham Karaoke bars,” or even just “karaoke bars.”

Search engine optimization or simply SEO as it is referred to in the tech industry is the quickest way to grab the attention of would-be customers that simply have yet to make the acquaintance of your great establishment, product or service. Fierce Thought’s search engine optimization helps your business to cut in front of the line and be the first to introduce itself.

The keys to Fierce Thought’s search engine optimization are search engine friendly website design, search engine optimized content authorship and inbound links.

First, your business needs a website designed in such a way as to attract search engine “spiders”. When search engines search, they are reacting to your website in its encoded format or “back end”. Your business needs a website designed properly so that the search spiders do not encounter errors when they visit and also to increase the frequency of their visits.


Second, search engine optimal content will increase the frequency of spider visits. How does this work? In short, continuing with the bar example, the more often your website employs certain key phrases, i.e. “karaoke bar,” the likelihood of a receiving a high ranking on “karaoke bar” searches is greater. Moreover, as a simple part of standard website operating procedure, you will need to add and revise the content of your business website as time goes on (1) to keep patrons up-to-date on the latest products and services and (2) to keep up with your online competition.

Once you have a well-designed business site with relevant content, you are ready to start your online campaign.

The third key to search engine optimization success is getting other sites to “vote” for you and your business by including links to your site on their web pages. However, unlike our present political system, you are not participating in a popularity contest—when it comes to online “votes,” quality and not quantity is what matters most.


Social Media Marketing

Human hand drawing social network scheme on the whiteboard

Want an affordable social media marketing solution? Than this is the your package.

Perfect for solo-entrepreneurs and start-ups.

Here’s what you will get with this very-inclusive Social Media

Marketing strategy:

  • 1-3 status updates daily 5 days per week (# of updates depends on existing # of fans of page and current engagement level)
  • Status updates based on 80/20 rule: 80% based on value and engagement to 20% based on business promotion
  • Researching industry and finding relevant pages to connect and like

Business promotion

  • Networking on other relevant and popular industry (non-competitor) pages (like, share and comment on their posts to increase exposure to brand and page)
  • Management and creation of Facebook Ads (ad cost additional)
  • Campaign consultation-landing page with product or service promotion, sweepstakes, contests, etc.

Website Management

Why should I enroll in a package?

Simply put: If you make any updates to the design of your site each month, a monthly maintenance package will save you money.

Typical design firms charge up to $100 an hour for design work. Should you ever need to create banners, product features, content pages, or simply update your design, you can expect to pay anywhere from $200 to $500 for a half-days work! Portland Fierce Thought can be your partner in success by routinely keeping your site fresh for a fixed cost. Never assume again! Always know what you will be paying for updates to your site, and get them on a recurring, planned schedule!

What kinds of things can I request with Monthly Maintenance?

We schedule an afternoon of a designers time once per month to be at your disposal. During a given month, tally up your updates and ideas and we will be your designer! Common requests of current program users include updating featured products, creating promotional graphics, responding to your customers design usability requests, creating custom pages to highlight new aspects of your business, and more. Each month we will contact you to request your updates. We will review your requests and determine if they can be completed as part of your contract.

When will Maintenance be performed?

If you wish to enroll in a Monthly Maintenance package, you will receive your regular updates each month priority over non-maintenance clients. The cycle for recurring maintenance will happen during the first two weeks of every month. All maintenance contracts will receive their updates in a timely manner and coordinated through one point of contact at Portland Fierce Thought just before work is to be done.

What is the cost of the program?

If you wish to enroll in our Monthly Maintenance program, monthly fees start at $150.00 per month and can be increased depending on the size and complexity of your website. This covers a designers time, once per month, to update your site per your program. No additional charges or hourly design fees will be required to maintain your site unless required. These fees are in addition to your hosting or additional design fees, however, and are recurring. A minimum of three (3) months must be agreed to for Monthly Maintenance packages. All clients are invoiced at the 1st of each month.